(1) You still have yet to address Hillary’s repeated pledge to install a no-fly zone in a region where the air force of a nuclear superpower is conducting operations.

Yeah, I don’t care! Why do I care? Correct me if I am wrong but Hillary holds no position of power in American government right now. Why do I care about anything she did in the past? I don’t! I got real pressing problems NOW. And you can educate me, maybe this posed a big, huge problem for you, and if it did, if something happened in your country because of what Hillary did, I am sorry. And I am sorry, because I defensively vote for Dems, just so as not to get crushed by hateful, racist, sexists Pubs , so when it comes to America in the world, yeah, I am part of the problem— but American’s foreign policy, is f*cked no matter who is at the helm. And most Americans are at a point where we are just trying to survive too.

(2) This article is in response to an attack that a late-night talk show host has been repeatedly leveling at progressives. You keep speaking as though I’m going on about Hillary for no reason. That’s incredibly disingenuous.

No it’s not! But girl! You got game, dontcha?

You know exactly what I am saying. It is not disingenuous in the least. You just don’t want to address it. My issue is you saying Hillary is worse than Trump. It’s the kinda of statement that riles me up and makes me wanna jump up and scream at you: TAKE IT BACK!

But I won’t…cause you are entitled to your free speech and your opinion and there is entirely too much of that sort of aggressive outrage making the rounds. Human beings playing vocal javelin. Meanwhile all the minds straight up unraveling. I don’t want to be apart of it.

Do you know what I think is disingenuous, someone who identifies as ‘left” and never has a single critical thing to say about Pubs, or Trump, or those “lefty” issues which are basically human issues: don’t imprison me, don’t rape me, let me vote, let me have a decent job, let me make a living wage, don’t kill all the black and brown people (but that’s negotiable), stop bombing people (okay I got to give you that one, and I am with you on that one!)

Anyway, let’s just agree to disagree on it. You think Trump is better than Hillary. I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever agree. I think this is the height of sexism and misogyny to even make such a statement and I am no fan of Hillary either. Nevertheless, you and your crew wanna hate on her so hard, I know that I will never convince you otherwise. But how are you gonna be ready for the real revolution: the evolution of the mind, writing hateful ish like this? Might wanna make this your theme song.

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