8 years is nothing. I largely don’t care because I really don’t do the politics pendulums. I mean, clearly the Dems and Pubs are all in bed together anyway, you wrongly assume that I have some sort of allegiance to the Clinton’s or Obamas…why would I? What have any of these people ever done for me personally? Nothing.

I do find people’s obsession with Trump and co utterly fascinating, because this particular administration is so obviously a shitshow, unlike any other. For people to be so defensive of it, boggles the mind! Let me let you in a little something, Trump’s the billionaire (not you). And you get absolutely nothing for trying to ride his conman coattails. There no pay day in that for you. Well, not a financial one…clearly emotionally you are caught up in something like a school girl crush. Have fun with it!


Working with the Light!

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