In the Burgeoning Marijuana Industry, You Have to Pay to Play in Virginia

The Blue States Show Where Both Medical and Recreational Marijuana is Completely Legal

Join this Ghetto Princess and her families on their Journey Up Off the Plantations Into Urban Black America

Photo Credit Unsplash

My Black American History

In honor of Black History month, I’m gonna…

Because America feasts on people like me

Photo by Justin Casey on Unsplash Head stones

Or, How The Pubs Woke Me Up!

The Pubs and Critical Race Theory

Photo By the Author

What’s Your choice?

The World as We Knew It Is Gone (It was all a Lie Anyway)

Photo by Capturing the human heart. on Unsplash

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Tired of Blue Pills?

Let’s talk about something heavily discouraged in this matrix of ours: mind freedom. Do you think your mind is truly free? …

To Be Pro-life is always to be pro-choice…

Going Back to Saturn

Our World As We Know it, is Clearly Collapsing, Now What?

The Collapse

Photo by Micah Williams on Unsplash

Are There Any Men in Texas Who Aren’t Rapey?

Photo by Enrique Macias on Unsplash

An Everyday Light Worker (Amli)

Working with the Light!

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