In the Burgeoning Marijuana Industry, You Have to Pay to Play in Virginia

The Blue States Show Where Both Medical and Recreational Marijuana is Completely Legal

So this July 2021, on the first, weed became legal in Virginia. But what does that mean? Is weed really legal in Virginia? I mean come on! It’s Virginia! If you live here, you’d know that they criminalize the hell out of everything, starting with our cars.

And it’s all about money…the state of Virginia requires a whole hell of a lot of money be paid to it before you can even drive a damn car in this state.

Suddenly the state is going to change its stripes on that? No, of course not.

So now our Virginia democratic politicians…

Join this Ghetto Princess and her families on their Journey Up Off the Plantations Into Urban Black America

Photo Credit Unsplash

Sup yall. It’s Amli, your everyday light worker, coming at you with my new series, A Ghetto Princess Speaks!

I am a ghetto princess…and I’m speaking. I’m gonna tell yall stories about what it was like to grow up as hood royalty.

My Black American History

In honor of Black History month, I’m gonna trace my two families (Grangers and Jordans) movement off of Southern plantations for better opportunities in the North, during the great migration.

I’m also gonna talk about all the fuckshit AmeriKKKa did to us (redlining, block busting) that created our hoods in the first place. …

Maybe Suicide is the Better Option

Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

Getting Fucked

She’s gone. A beautiful girl, a beautiful girl. I only met her a few times but…she had the kind of light that gave more and shined brightly. We live in a world that consumes and kills that kind of light.

I am EXHAUSTED….because I worked a DOD case all damn day…and night. It was miserable. I hate the DOD, I love the DOD…these are the mind games I play with myself, for reasons to complex to explain here. The DOD is toxic masculinity on hyper drive, and crack and cocaine, powered up beyond all reason and to the enth degree.

And I didn’t even have to die!

The Ghetto Princess/Light Worker/Weedista Goes to a Trade Show!

CBD Gummies!

Last week, this Weedista went to weed heaven! My client, Cannabis Karma, an event planning and consulting company very into all things Cannabis related, took me to the Champ’s Trade Show in Orlando Florida, March 11–13. and WOW! Was this ever an education in “premium counterculture” and so many things related to weed!

At the show, I was vibrating in a fourth dimensional reality. There were just so many synchronicities man! This was a Celestine Prophecy sort of adventure; and I was doing my light work of vibrating higher!

But, real talk, I am also a ghetto princess. And I…

This Ghetto Princess Has Some Real Blue Blood!

My Great Grandaddy William Was a Conqueror * this is not an actual picture of him, but close!

The Veil Was Thin.

My William The Conqueror

The Jordans Were Free and the Rogers Stayed Bouncing.

A Lil Down and Dirty History About these Rogers Men White and Black.

The Veil Was Thin

So yesterday was Sunday. Sunday is my day for meditation, yard work, mindfulness, communing wit nature. …

Neither George, nor Either of the Williams or even Willia Could Have Imagined A Ghetto Princess Like Me

George’s Wildest Dreams

Photo by Hannah Middleton on Unsplash

Black Americans like me say things like, I am my ancestor’s wildest dreams.

What we mean is, someone who was stolen from their homeland back in Africa, beaten, raped and subjected to all kinds of horrors here (until they died) probably couldn’t quite imagine someone like me. I am a Civil Rights Lawyer who can make the rich frat boy types hang their heads in shame.

I am sure for some, (if not all) of my ancestors their wildest dream. When we say these things, usually we are only thinking of our African ancestors.

But what about our other ancestors……

Take a Trip! At Life in 10 Minutes

Happy Thursday Readers and Writers! It’s Amli, your everyday Lightworker from the Life-in-10 Minutes Community.

Life in 10 is an actual (and now virtual) space where readers, writers, thinkers and be-ers from all over the world commune to manage…wait for it… life!

Usually, I give my followers here on Medium (and in the Life in 10 community) some thing to think about; and I ask that you write about it for 10 minutes. (Like we do at Life in 10 Minutes!) But today, I am doing a lil something different. I got a story here, (kinda spooky, true too!) that…

A Frank Discussion About Racism and Sexism in American

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Happy Thursday Readers and Writers! It’s Amli, your everyday Lightworker. As a part of my light work, I would like to invite join our Life-in-10 Minutes Community.

Life in 10 is an actual (and now virtual), where I will be virtually hosting Postscripts, Love Letters and Rage-Filled Rants From the Edge of Heartbreak, this coming Saturday at 3 pm. Want to get something off your chest? Here is your chance. We gonna get it all on the page! We’re going to rant, like a Ghetto Princess! (That’s, my alter ego, to whom I will Introduce you today.)

Usually, I’m all…

A Life in 10 Minutes Joint

There’s no such thing as unconditional love. Yes my love had conditions. Let me tell you the conditions that I place on my love…my love that is too beautiful to be thrown back up in my face.

I would love you, if you were always your beautiful brilliant self.

Didn’t I tell you, you were like the sunshine, sometimes? A starburst, you won my heart with that piece of you.

But it rises and sets, just like the sun. And then there is night.

I would love you if you weren’t so bi-polar.

That switchy-changy moodiness, that darkness, that anger…

The Incredible Beginning, the Muddling Middle and the Bitter End

Happy Thursday Readers and Writers! It’s Amli, your everyday Lightworker, coming at you live and direct from the Life in 10 Minutes platform!

Please stay a while to think about, write about, and philosophize about…you guessed it, life! (In under 10 minutes!)

It’s Thinker Thursdays, so what we gonna think about this Thursday? February is coming up. What is the superstar of February? Valentine’s Day! It falls dead smack in the middle of this otherwise dreary month (for those of us on the part of the globe that is deep in the deep throws of winter).

It’s cold outside. Valentine’s…

An Everyday Light Worker (Amli)

Working with the Light!

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