In the Burgeoning Marijuana Industry, You Have to Pay to Play in Virginia

So this July 2021, on the first, weed became legal in Virginia. But what does that mean? Is weed really legal in Virginia? I mean come on! It’s Virginia! If you live here, you’d know that they criminalize the hell out of everything, starting with our cars.

And it’s all…

Join this Ghetto Princess and her families on their Journey Up Off the Plantations Into Urban Black America

Sup yall. It’s Amli, your everyday light worker, coming at you with my new series, A Ghetto Princess Speaks!

I am a ghetto princess…and I’m speaking. I’m gonna tell yall stories about what it was like to grow up as hood royalty.

My Black American History

In honor of Black History month, I’m gonna…

Because America feasts on people like me

Come celebrate with me, that every day something has tried to kill me and has failed. — “Won’t You Celebrate With Me” — Lucille Clifton

America is always trying to kill me… simply because I exist. America hates and denies my existence, me: a highly hybridized mutt, the descendent of…

No sir, with all due respect, I think you are confused. Apparently, you have no idea what conservative think tanks actually do. (Where do you think the Willie Horton dog whistle propaganda was developed?!?!)

You sir, are conflating many different things, and your response doesn't seem to have anything to…

Or, How The Pubs Woke Me Up!

The Pubs and Critical Race Theory

Pubs don’t want anyone to get too woke. If that’s the case, then they might consider STFU about Critical Race Theory (CRT). All of their unrelenting and hysterical opposition to any discussion of CRT has generated a whole lot of interests in it, which is clearly the opposite of what…

What’s Your choice?

The World as We Knew It Is Gone (It was all a Lie Anyway)

As the world begins to fall apart completely… I ask myself, really, what is here for any of us? What are we holding on to? What choices can we make now? Are there any viable choices, anymore?

We have all learned, (if we’re paying attention at all) that everything we…

Tired of Blue Pills?

Let’s talk about something heavily discouraged in this matrix of ours: mind freedom. Do you think your mind is truly free? …

To Be Pro-life is always to be pro-choice…

Packing my bags

Going away

To a place where the air is clear

On Saturn

There’s no sense to sit and watch people die…

Today, I awoke this morning wanting to go back to Saturn, because this planet just doesn’t make sense.

Who is in charge of things? A murder-death-terror…

Our World As We Know it, is Clearly Collapsing, Now What?

The Collapse

There is a sense of impending doom, these days. So much has happened and so much continues to happen; a lot of it is dark. …

Are There Any Men in Texas Who Aren’t Rapey?

So I decided to check into Medium, after a long social media break. (The world has gone absolutely insane and social media only mimics and mocks that, in triplicate and stereo).

The articles that popped up in my feed were on racism, sexism, because I read and write about that.

An Everyday Light Worker (Amli)

Working with the Light!

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