A black professor at UVA talking about how she needed around the clock security to do her damn job, because of threats she has received from these altright terrorists psychos, proves what?

That she lives and racist assholes want to kill her? And? You’re complaining that she was there? In Charlottesville where she lives, works and has every right to be, without fear of violence?

So she trained (probably about 10) nonviolent protestors to respond to assaults and gun violence in a state where they live, work, pay taxes and have every right to peacefully assemble? How is that wrong?

UnF@cking believable!

So you are saying Black Virginians have fewer rights in their home town, than out of state neo Nazis and Klansmen? That they should, stay in their homes and cower in fear when da big bad Klan come round with torches? Is that what you are advocating? Well that’s pretty much what happened, but as for the 1o blacks that did show up to protest I say:


So you mad, every single black person in Virginia wasn’t cowering in fear of the Klan? That a handful of them had the audacity to speak out?

You are attempting to blame these people for being black, where they live, and counter protesting (peacefully) freaking klansmen and Nazis. Just wow.

That UVA professor, because of her position, absolutely did what she had to do and I bet she didn’t even want to do it. But she still doesn’t represent BLM and certainly not a typical Black Southerner. No black person at that event ever would.

BLM doesn’t represent any one person, but, in your racist ignorance you and many others like you use the movement to try and demonize and invite violence and hatred toward black people in America, and I am not having that. I am calling bullshit and I am calling spin and lies.

BLM did not bus any protestors into Charlottesville, stop lying about that. You have shown evidence of two professors who claim to be BLM affiliated as being at the protest. TWO. Common core math that.

BLM certainly didn’t bring guns, shields, mace, bats, pepper spray, etc to the protest. THAT was all alt-right.

BLM did not drive a car into a peaceful group of protestors. That was alt-right too.

And how about the insane rumor that it is legal to mow down protestors with a car? Also alt-right.

Now, I’m not saying that BLM protests have always been peaceful, but they largely are. And you’re not going to drag BLM down this sick and distorted rabbit hole trying to place ANY BLAME on that movement for this sick, sick shit that went down this weekend in Charlottesville.

The entire country saw this. The entire country was deeply disgusted by it, and much of the commentary that followed, and I don’t even need to name names, because it is known.

Disgust — is one of the strongest emotions in existence. And disgusted is what most humans all around the world feel about all of this. So don’t try to drag BLM into any of this, just because this spotlight has become uncomfortable for you and your ilk.

Nope. That’s all on y’all. And, to give you an idea about how most people feel about this event, this old video of Richard Spencer, the alt-right organizer of this weekend’s event has resurfaced. Wanna see it? Here it is:

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!