A good defense of Christianity! I would agree with you that Christianity is 6 on one hand, half dozen on the other.

It is responsible for many good things! It is true. But you have to admit, that’s sort of beginning to crumble in the past couple of decades or so. I grew up in the Christian faith, and sort of witnessed it falling apart, due to corruption outweighing goodness.

And so here we are. I always believed in the messages of Jesus Christ and the gospel. What an incredible story.

And yet, evangelical Christian messaging has grabbed a Loud speaker and nullified Jesus’s message, sadly. The evangelical message is hypocrisy and hate…with such a loud counter messaging (albeit from a sect of Christianity), it becomes harder to see the good. Many see the bad only. That’s all the writer of this article sees.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that there are still true Christians doing the right thing. Thanks for the reminder that it’s not all bad.

Working with the Light!

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