A, ha, ha, ha! I think it is utterly hysterical that someone accused you, of embracing “leftist propaganda!”

A ha, ha, ha, ha! I guess that’s what you get for talking to me, and reading James Baldwin. Now you want to entertain your fears about Marxism (which I neither fear nor comprehend) to reassert you right leaning tendencies!

Why is everyone so up in arms about Marxism? As far as I know it’s a dead economic system, and capitalism too, is dying.

All these systems are so antiquated. Fearing Marxism is about as productive as discussing the dangers of feudalism, which I would prefer to debate because we could then work our way back to the Game of Thrones!!!!

(Love those Thrones!) But the economic situation on Thrones is so Hollywood because no one is explaining how Dany is able to maintain her army of the unsullied and the Dothraki, (that’s around 16,000 men). That food bill alone would be crippling! With no land to farm and no subjects to tax, it’s an impossible task. And then they wanna be all like, Cersei cant afford to feed her army, blah, blah, blah, iron bank! But Dany can’t afford it either! And the dragons can’t solve ever problem, certainly not the economic ones, but I digress. (And also…what does it cost to feed dragons? Like that’s gotta be crazy expensive!!!)

Whether we like it or not, feudalism, Marxism, capitalism…are pretty much done. We’re moving on. We are in stage 1 globalism, neoliberalism, whatever. Capitalism is slowly dying out, and if you love it, you can relax. It’s got a good 50 years, I think…but beyond that, it’s pretty much it’s a wrap.

Big bank is duking the economic thing out with Big IT — and there’s just no telling how AI is going to disrupt, well everything. Based on what we have seen so far, entire industries will be replaced. And so, this is the perfect time to buy some stock in something!!! Before capitalism dies and AI changes everything! (Sigh) I never win at these games.

I knew someone who owned stock in lycos, and it had quadrupled (remember lycos? No one remembers lycos — they were Google, before Google.) Well he had like a million dollars in lycos, and other stuff, but then the market crashed. I remember this clearly, because maybe a month or even weeks before, we had started an investment club, and he was going to help us select our portfolios. He lost everything…well a whole lot anyway…and lost interest in the club.

But anyway, I think this is why people love capitalism so much. It holds out this promise, “play your cards right, and you too can be rich!”

An ever dangling carrot…

But really it’s like gambling…and the house always wins…if you think about it, it’s not such a great system. But we get so hung up on what’s worse, we don’t ever think about what would be better.

Gimme a good stock tip! Certainly, a capitalist lover should have a few to spare.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!