A lot of Americans have a bias against ISIS…and it has to be a bias, because how many Americans know or have any firsthand interactions with ISIS? Very few.

And yet, hundreds of thousands, if not millions hate them. Why? I’m guessing because they have seen the things that they do. They cut off people’s heads…they rape and pillage. They seem to have no regard for human life. That creates an extreme dislike of ISIS or a bias. But no one says endlessly: the media is biased against ISIS!

And I’m sure it is. Because ISIS has it’s perspective on why it does whatever it does. Their side of the story never gets told. Not in American media anyway, but certainly in their own media ISIS has a narrative about how America is the land of pure evil, and so on and so forth, quite biased against America for sure.

So all of this nonsense about the media being biased against Donald Trump is disingenuous in that the media — much like with ISIS-reports on all of the crazy, horrible stuff that he does. And that’s what media is designed to do, to find the stories that make people gasp and writhe in fear. That’s the media’s job. It does it to everyone and everything, but when Trump is the target it’s supposed to be different? That’s ridiculous.

The media reports anything that a certain section of the population will react or respond to. This is not bias.

As for the people who believe what they see in the media, if they develop a bias against whoever is doing whatever they don’t like, it’s justified. No one likes getting their head chopped off. No one likes seeing their country destroyed either. No matter if the head chopper/ country destroyer is Trump or ISIS.

So I say all of this that to say this: no one has to “justify” any bias against Trump, anymore than they have to justify a bias against Hillary or ISIS. There is plenty of objective, third-party information available on all above, to make any bias against perfectly reasonable. The bias for however, that’s where it gets weird.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!