A lot of great points made here and I am so curious to see whites try to intellectually cartwheel out of this predicament this particular event has placed them in. They’ve not even attempted to do it. Mainly we see silence, I’ve not seen much projection. Duplicity? Almost always. Amnesia? What is that? They are going to just forget that this ever happened? I suppose The cognitive dissonance that this is vent causes cannot be remedied is so painful, repression is the only option.

But aren’t white people tired of doing that shit?

Say it with me white people ( who have been so very vocal about “Blue lives” mattering.) In case you have conveniently forgotten who you are, I have tagged you to jog your memory.

“I really don’t care about blue lives mattering, all I really ever cared about was black lives mattering less than white ones. I used the whole blue lives mattering stick to hide my sick, twisted, and diabolical racism on this and yeah now I can’t do it, because when a black cop shoots a white woman I have nothing to say. Now when a cop shoots a black person, I yammer on and on and on about why it was justified. You can find me on post after post after post doing this. I was heckling Caitlin Johnstone last month over her defense of Philando. I probably called him a criminal. I probably ignored the fact that he was a beloved member of the community and no one had one bad thing to say about him. Instead I called him a gangsta, and complained about his traffic citations and the fact that he smoked weed. Check me out. James Massey and Mark Taylor and Rick Fischer and gxorlando and Brian Harmon and Ryder Spearmann . We make the rounds in defense of police…always. But not this time. Oh this time we have nothing to say. Just nothing. It’s really awkward when we have been so vocally supportive of any and all police violence, because now we have absolutely nothing to say at all. The truth is we only like it police violence and eagerly defend it when black or brown people are being killed. When it happens to us, we hang our heads in the certain silence that the monster we feed, is now eating us. But what other outcome could we have expected? We were idiotic and stupid to think it we would get any other. Our hypocrisy is showing and there is absolutely no defense for it. So we cower in silence. This time, we have nothing to say.”

So…after having said all of this, I am wondering if y’all are tired of playing this game? Or am I still going to see y’all all making the usual rounds, every single time a black person is shot by police, explaining why it’s just the greatest thing, ever. Are you still gonna feed that monster that’s coming for you? Probably.

But remember this: Steve Scalise, John McCain — quick karma. It’s a mfer. The next bullet you justify just might ricochet…back on to you, and we will all talk bout how that officer was totally justified in pulling that trigger.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!