A lot of hatred, division and fear. A lot of blatant destruction of democracy and community. A lot of destruction of families. A lot of unrepentant sexual assaulting. A lot of corruption. A lot of avarice and greed. A lot of dysfunction and stagnation.

No sane person wants to hear, see or experience extreme racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism and every other extraordinarily fragile ego fear, 24/7. It’s fucking Nazi Germany plus Hotel Rwanda with a dash of Syria, Venezuela and Israel/Palestine, and let’s not forget Bosnia and Croatia, all day everyday since Trump took office.

Who brought this on? Though they don’t want to own it, anyone who voted for that guy. And yeah, plenty of cognitive dissonance. Plenty of “I voted for him but I’m not a total douche who wants to destroy the world.”

Yeah 6.7 billion don’t want to hear it, as North Korea flexes it nukes for kicks. And China says (repeatedly) fuck you, America. Yeah fuck you. No sane American wants to hear that. But yeah, that’s the chatter, all cause a bunch of ignoramuses wanna play the Us v. Them game, with their fellow citizens and THE WORLD 🌎.

So no, none of this is what I wanna hear. If you had any sense in your head, you wouldn’t want to hear it either.

As for me being presumptuous, maybe. I don’t know you. But your vapid denial of of the state of things proves that something is seriously off.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!