A lot of really interesting ideas contained here, Mike. I think I just really understood, for the first time, why you focus so much on planetary solutions. The solutions must be planetary because it’s the entire planet that is suffering from all the pollutants we as a species have poured into it.

And you’re probably right. The state of our planet is probably the reason the aliens don’t talk to us!

Interesting ideas about religion and spirituality. I grew up in a very strict religious household, but over the course of my own lifetime, I have felt that religion die, for me. Hypocrisy, was what killed it. I could not be committed to organizations that failed to practice what it preached. I turned to spirituality to fill the void: meditation, mindfulness, and other serious spiritual practices. I see many others doing this as well. I think this is a part of the planetary solution. At least, I hope it is. I am all out of other options.

Working with the Light!

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