A lot of similarities…but I have to admit I never thought of it quite like this. But they both claim to have specific and special knowledge of that which is unknown. This causes a lot of problems when one becomes so attached/entrenched in a belief that may or may not be true.

Yes, people are looking for answers. Unfortunately we are living through times that are not really providing any. Everything is being questioned, quite a bit. As it should be. But answers are difficult to come by. It doesn’t matter, people need to believe, so they create new belief systems. You’re right! Religion and CT are very similar! And they are merging because of the times.

Oh boy. This boggles my mind. I don’t consider myself religious but spiritual. Are my spiritual beliefs just a new kind of religion or conspiracy theory? My spirituality probably could be considered a conspiracy theory in some circles.

I have been wondering (and this brings me closer to the answer) why so many Qanons identify with spiritual light workers. Light workers believe lots of weird things that can’t be proved, so does Qanon. A lot of the things that light workers say, are vague conspiracy theories.

Honestly, anything that is believed by enough people becomes true in a way. And people are choosing to believe whatever they want, because old belief systems are crashing down all around us. It’s a good time, to take that old religion and spin it into something new. Evangelicals are merging politics, religion and conspiracy theories all together, that’s a really potent new belief system.

I see what they’re doing, but this also makes me question my own beliefs.

Now is not a good time for believers. Everything is being thrown into question. What can you truly believe in? Nothing, really. And that’s when people start to lose hope.

So now I understand why people cling to their belief systems so hard. Without them, they are lost. This has always been true, but I think it’s especially true now. People are afraid. My spiritual beliefs tell me fear is not real. It is an energetic experience to be avoided if at all possible, because paying attention to it, makes it real.

But this can be viewed as a lot of craziness. What can I say? It’s a belief system that works for me. And that’s why people believe, it helps them navigate the world. You have to believe in things I order to do that. Even if it’s “science” which requires just as much faith as religion, you’re still believing in something.

Working with the Light!

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