A moderate problem solver is not an extreme problem solver. Hitler, for example, extreme problem solver. Kim Jung-Un, extreme problem solver. Assad of Syria, extreme problem solver.

I am guessing these are all examples, of your kind of problem solver. Amp up the violence and oppression, as soon as people express dissatisfaction. This has worked so well in Germany, North Korea and Syria.

America has one hell of a race problem, and the solutions historically have been a mix of extreme and moderate ones.

The extreme responses, have led to these sort of extreme reactions — and a moderate problem solver is someone who tries to deescalate the situation, recognizing violence is not the only answer, nor is it the best answer to every problem encountered. Sure, this guy could have called in the campus police or local police to deal with the situation, but good lawyers advise against this. This can create all kinds of legal issues for the school, as it has an extraordinarily complex sort of legal guidelines to contend with, and a lot of stakeholders to try an appease. What’s a school to do when it’s million dollar making athletes refuse to play, due to racial injustices on the campus? Schools are different, than almost any institution in America, and the solutions to their problems are not, they simply cannot be call the police and kick everyone out. Students are essentially their customers. So it’s not going to work like that.

It takes real intelligence and skill, to solve complicated problems without resorting to violence; and even if you think you’ve solved a problem with violence, most times you have just made it worse. Everyone who tried to exterminate a group of people has failed. Instead they are dealing with all of their angry descendants, ranting on and on about the atrocities committed against them.

The Jews will never forget; and the North remembers.

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