A ridiculous oversimplification of both economic systems- neither of which can exist without government.

It is idiotic to try and debate socialism v. Capitalism when your knowledge is limited to MSN or Fox News soundbites.

You don’t like government? You don’t like socialism? Then you don’t like the police. Police are a socialist institution. Any group of people getting paid via taxes -that’s socialism. If you were personally paying for police protection, that would be capitalism.

True fact — America is and has always been a mix of both and there is no other way for any nation to function. Capitalism cannot function without some basic social systems and utilities in place — stuff like roads, access to water.

If everyone makes their own plan, that is chaos. A criminal plans to take an honest hardworking capitalist for everything he is worth, by pistol whipping him and taking all of his capital. The police exist, in part, to prevent this.

Capitalism would never work in chaos, which is exactly what everyone doing their own thing is.

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