A “talking-points-spouting grifter.” What a term. Applicable to so many today. I think it fits Candace Owens perfectly. Is their only motivation fame and fortune? That would explain the incoherency of the drivel. She does speak the truth regarding racism in America and how it has been politicized to the advantage of democrats, to the disadvantage of republicans-but then she throws in so much bizarre, nonsensical drivel, I can’t follow what she says to any sort of logical conclusion. Other people seem to think they can. That’s what I find so alarming. I have listened to one of her rants and classified it as useless information.

Others observed great brilliance, which is frightening because I feel like the dumbing down of the voting population is reaching unprecedented levels. Is this an idiocracy? If Candace Owens is one of our new political geniuses, then yes.

Working with the Light!

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