A very tempting offer! I love traveling just for the purpose of being exposed to new things different kinds of people. The panhandles, huh? That’s either Texas or Florida, right?

Honestly, I tire of the South, which Virginia is…and quite honestly I think I tire of America. If I had my way, I’d go somewhere really exotic like Thailand-for something totally different.

I don’t doubt that your largely conservative community is a good community. By no means do I think people who label themselves as “conservative” are terrible people. They’re just people — and people are people wherever you go.

I’ve had a variety of experiences and because Virginia is such a huge government/military state, I’ve interacted with all kinds of military types, who tend toward to be conservative. And I respect these people greatly, even though they often hold political views I would never agree with. Never.

But working and living beside them is no problem. Most conservatives are polite and decent, albeit anywhere from slightly to extremely intolerant to anything that differs from the “norm” as they define it. That is where most of the friction comes in.

Day to day, it hardly matters though. Day to day, it’s what are we going to eat, where are we going to shop, how are we going to grow this particular community, why are the property taxes so high, where are all the jobs?

The local community is far more important than all this national stuff and my local community used to be Republican, but somewhere during Obama’s elections, it switched. Could be the demographics. Initially this community was majority white, now it’s majority other. It is very multicultural. And honestly this can be a difficult balance.

About 10 years ago, this community’s intolerance for Hispanic immigrants gained national attention, when the community passed laws to drive the immigrants out. Why did the community do this? Because some-not all-but some of the Hispanics were bringing gang and drug related crime. Plus, they were using resources differently than most Americans typically use them; and this does change the way a community operates and how a community uses its resources. So I know, first hand, what kind of damage a flood of illegal immigrants can do to a community and how everyone else (cause American blacks) were freaking out about this as well.

This community decided to close its borders, so to speak. This is a community that is hostile to Hispanics and they are other more left leaning communities around that are less hostile, so they move there, but even so. This problem hasn’t really gone away.

I say all of that to say this, neither side has effectively solved the problem- and quite honestly? These are very difficult problems to solve. The left tries, the right tries and yet. The problems are not solved. We blame each other, and begin behaving unreasonably. We do need to listen to each other, because I can’t sit up here and tell you that Republicans haven’t solved any problems in my community. Clearly they have. I just wish they would have solved them a little more humanely, because I believe not doing so has consequences.

And you’re absolutely right. Trump is not your typical conservative- he’s basically a conartist who took advantage of extremism in that camp, and the fact that it worked has a lot of people (including many conservatives) pissed off. And Hillary definitely had her issues, but you are the voice of reason when you point out that this country is bigger than those two, to which I say, thank God for that!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!