About 4 years ago some crazy person posted on Medium, a white paper from the pentagon about how people were no longer believing the propaganda. On and on it went…they don’t believe us when we say we’re fighting for freedom, they don’t believe us when we say we support the troops! And it was sort of hysterical…like this is such a problem, whoa is us!

Well, white papers are supposed to propose solutions to problems…and so after about 15 pages or they don’t believe us anymore…you know what they came up with? Double down on the propaganda. (And I even think they called it propaganda!!!) I was like really??? Seriously??? Come the fuck on!!!!!

I could not believe, that someone even took the time to write such an utterly ridiculous white paper, that someone else posted it on Medium for all to see…and finally that the solution to “they don’t believe our lies” was “tell lots more lies!” 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

In 2010, a good friend of mine, whose husband was murdered by the military industrial complex, kept trying to get me to open my eyes. Little awful, diabolical things she would say, like “I visited John’s grave today, there are so many graves being dug, the ground is never undisturbed.” She was referring to Arlington cemetery, parts of it are incredibly beautiful. It’s where they lay American soldiers to rest. But the part where the regular joes are…not so pretty to hear her tell it.

Back then, I was under the spell…I just didn’t want to talk about it, or think about it…because really, what could I do? Her man was dead, and no matter what I said or thought, it wasn’t going to bring him back. What was the point of the conversation about all of those dead men? (including her husband.)

But…I’m sure your lil movie touched on none of that. But this was always what Hollywood was for, to put illusory sheen on shit.

Working with the Light!

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