Absolutely because etc. You seem to be defensive of Trump and his family with regard to this discussion of wealth appropriation.

All of these cycles started way before Trump, so this was not meant to be a personal attack on him for his personal and highly unethical manipulation of a system that has long been corrupted. Which is to say, Trump is one hell of a cheater and opportunist and a con, but that is entirely beyond the larger point. The larger point is we have created a system that allows someone like that to flourish — and the fact that it’s Trump is almost irrelevant because if it wasn’t him, it would just be someone else like him…Kanye West for example., wants to run in 2020, the environment is ripe for madmen and conartists to explore their personal whims while endangering entire nations and certainly the citizens within.

A lot of this is quite outrageous. I’d be surprised if you think it’s not. To use the American presidency as a vehicle to enrich oneself and one’s family is a new low in our American history. Everyone should be a bit outraged about it, and if you’re not, it’s probably because you’re being irrationally defensive of a choice you made, desperately wanting to believe it was the right choice. The truth is, there was no right choice, but apparently people find that so frightening they have to cling to one choice or another in desperation and beyond all reason.

I largely don’t get into the political game of rooting for one or the other, because they all feed the same machine in different ways. Even Trump, Maverick that he is, is feeding the same machine. Obama, maverick that he was, fed the same machine. If you have encountered the machine, up close and personal as I have, you would know that it is an entity and an intelligence within itself that no one man or woman would ever defeat.

Trump promised to destroy the machine, and to his credit, he is trying, really. But that’s actually just going to cause even greater problems, economically. The hardest hit will be his base, because they are so far away from the machine and not really understanding how it works for and against them. Hearing of all these proposed budget cuts, people are saying “no this isn’t what I want or expected. This will harm me.” But it is in fact what you voted for, so now what?

Is destruction of the machine what any of us really want? It’s like saying, I am so sick of this house I live in…so I’m going to burn it down. Okay…then what? Some people are happy this is happening. I am more concerned, wondering if people even begin to realize the kind of chaos and destruction they are inviting into our country and their own personal lives.

But in the end, you’re absolutely right, civilizations rise and fall. It seems like western ones are falling and here in America we have all got a front row seat.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!