Actually, I said “the average American white” and let me clarify further, not college educated, working class — which is what I mean by average. This class of people has been sold a real defective bill of goods since America’s inception! And yeah, when the f@ck are these white people, going to get real and start talking about their history? Don’t you even want to know the truth? If you’re from Ireland or Scotland, don’t you even want to know about how the British terrorized you up off your own islands? And also, why don’t you want to go back? Those places are mainly all white still. And they’re STILL beefing with the British. Great Britain has been kicking ass worldwide for along ass time, WWII, and it had to pass the torch to America, but all the whites not royalty — and that is most- got no skin in that game. None at all. And they been getting screwed like all the rest.

Working with the Light!

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