Actually most blacks don’t vote, being oppressed and harassed ungodly for even attempting to do so, especially knowing that for us, it’s pretty pointless to do so, anyway. It’s this sort of knowledge that makes a cult like the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X so very attractive to huge numbers of blacks, even though it’s the worst sort of cult, with the same Trumplike cons being run on its followers. But, NOI, stays uninvolved in all the US political bs.

Obama was the only president to have the black vote in his back pocket. And all those Blacks voted on principle, not out of any love for Obama, who was certainly no Harold Washington and no Marion Barry.

Most blacks who do vote, usually Middle to Upperclass ones, vote against a threat, as that’s the best that can be done. That threat can be Dem or Pub. Strong Thurmond was like a grand wizard or something. A democrat, I believe, and detested by most blacks I know.

No we are not stupid. And you are implying that we are if you think we only recognize the Dem con. Yes we recognize the Dem con, but also recognize most Pubs don’t even think enough of us to even run a con. They just go for outright extermination.

We are smart enough to recognize who is tying nooses to trees and we mobilize against that, whoever that is and whatever their title, so you can kill that Dem/Pub good cop bad cop bull. We don’t fall for it. Dems and Pubs are both known to be pretty destructive to black life. Most blacks don’t play the game at all, and the ones who do are usually on the payroll, of one side or the other, and they are both Uncle Ruckus.

Don King…sucking up to Trump. If that’s not an Uncle Ruckus moment, I don’t know what is. Omarosa, Steve Harvey? Couldn’t handle the blacklash against them over their coonery. No we are not stupid.

Working with the Light!

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