Again, never said that. But fear and hysteria, the opposite end of the emotional spectrum never solved a damn thing either. I suggest problem solving through critical thinking. Who really benefits from destabilizing regions and throwing all sorts of clashing cultures together without much of a plan?

People who like to control other people, the elite, the 1%, those who profit from chaos and conflict, and those types are everywhere — and no that is not me. It’s not likely to be any average Joe or Jane. Most average people the world over want to live peacefully and provide a nice life for their families — it’s always the greedy ones, the ones who need more, more, more money, power, fame, attention, war who set it off.

And the entire world over the same Hitler Nazi patterns are repeating and have been repeated. It never stopped, and now this shit is on my shores and in my backyard, (of course quiet as it has been kept, it always has been.)

So yeah, whenever I see any sort of dialogue heading that way, I’m going to say something about it, because for the past six months Trump and the media has held us all hostage to this shit: all this fear and terror and divide and conquer bullshit. I’m fed up with it.

All the countries are being pimped out to multinational corporations, every single one of them — and the more our leaders have us fearing one another, scapegoating and blaming different groups the easier it is to get on with the ultimate agenda — globalization, one world government.

So no. Group hugs isn’t going to solve it, but neither is running around like Chicken little. Being aware and awake — that is going to at least give us a chance. I live in a very multicultural area, and you know what? It gets messy. But some how, we manage to make it work. No I’m not for open borders, never said that; and I’m well aware that no country ever is. But immigrants get in and out, everyday, via unconventional means — and we can deal with it. What choice do we have really?


Working with the Light!

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