Again, that term “feminism” has been crazy politicized and demonized -and it shouldn’t have been because it IS about equality for women.

And that IS sorely lacking, on every fucking continent on the globe. And I don’t care what label you put on the issue, feminism, leftism, anti-violence against women, public health.

The issues are the issues! Women all over the damn globe have the same issues! And they’re not backing up off the issues. They are not backing up off of the right to control their bodies. They are not backing down off the right to be free from violence in their homes. They are not backing down from the right to live rape free. They are not backing down on the economic rights or education. That’s not going to happen. So you can demonized people who want those things all you like, it just makes their resolve all that much stronger and that particular resistance has been building for 2000 years at least.

Going at these things sideways with the term identity politics, isn’t going to work. People are beyond frustrated and want to be heard. Trying to shut them down only makes it worse, and it doesn’t matter if the people are neo-Nazis or the most hardcore of radical feminists (you know the kind who actually do believe all men should die? Yeah they believe that with cult-like devotion; and if you’re concerned about that sort of ideology spreading that’s just as valid as my concerns about the Neo-Nazis. )

The radical identity politics do exist on both sides of the spectrum — and, the tug of war pulling at people who are genuinely doing good things, like Laci Green, is very unfortunate.

Yes she identified as a feminist and people lost their goddamn minds. But that was their craziness- right and left craziness-that she should have never entertained.

She is reasonable. For every political proclamation, she stated her case, identifying issues that were real. She didn’t have to go there, but she did; and paid a price.

She was good at what she did…teaching young girls how to use razors properly, for instance, and that had not a damn thing to do with politics, but idiots made it so. I think that’s why she felt inclined to go political.

Here is the truth: a sperm meets an egg and that’s powerful. Men and women have been fighting over who harnesses that power for millennia, and it doesn’t seem like that’s stopping any time soon — and I guess it’s always going to be political. So yeah, you can argue that Laci Green is and was always political, but she was also very good at explaining basic sex stuff to young people — and there was a desperate need for it because the ignorance is astounding. It’s insane the amount of basic, basic biological facts that teens don’t know about their bodies. It’s insane the teen pregnancy epidemics that rage as an effect. It’s disturbing and disgusting the pain, grief and poverty these epidemic cause and even more disturbing are the self-righteous idiots wanting to shut down the basic education that stops this. I’m certain they reside on the Cluster B axis…which we now are all intimately acquainted with…cause Trump.

And anything having to do with education and enlightenment of people tends to be labeled “liberal or leftist.” Yeah…well, I am not falling for that con either. Reading a book doesn’t make me “liberal” it makes me a problem for people who want to totally control unthinking idiots. And due to the internet, these people have quite a problem on their hands and they know it.

So the Laci Greens of the world get targeted and dragged down one rabbit hole and another. Tower of Babel, land of confusion antics and it’s totally out of control on “many sides” just like Trump said, and its probably the one and only time I will agree with anything that guy says -serious psychological problems that he has, textbook narcissist that he is.

And…if I knew nothing else about him, that would be enough. I don’t want anyone with that sort of severe personality disorder running water, let alone a country. Not to mention the most powerful country on the planet.

But due to the ridiculous state of politics in this country, identity and otherwise, we have millions completely willing to overlook and excuse this severe disorder…in our president.

Because leftist!!! They’re hell bent on destroying Trump, Jesus Christ Savior of everything good and alt-right!

Well, political affiliation and mental health are two entirely different things (at least they should be.)

But what I’m taking from this, is millions on the right are narcissistic. There is no other way to explain the endless defense of a president so clearly out of touch with everyone except other narcissists, and the types of personalities that are drawn to that. The borderlines and psychopaths and sociopaths…the cluster B…man. Right about now the Cluster Bs are running the right into the ground.

And it’s so obviously the case, I can’t even debate this. I just can’t…and I feel bad for people who absolutely refuse to see that this is the case. It takes a lot of lying to oneself to keep up the facade that Trump is competent, and I get why the right does it. Because the left cannot possibly be right about anything — and especially not Trump. And it would be totally humiliating to admit, after all the lines in the sand, and demands and attacks, “hey…you know what…politics aside…this guy’s a nutter butter, we never should have done this.”

And we know the right won’t ever fully admit to the horrendous damage they have done with Trump and unleashing all the Cluster Bs. We all know it, left and right, but it certainly doesn’t help the rights case, with well…anything. Meanwhile, left rage continues to simmer over damage being done, without apology.

Don’t harp on the media either. I think we all get it. They are definitely taking a bad situation and making it worse -again on both and many sides.

That’s a totally different issue than the incompetence of the President, and the Cluster B phenomenon.

The fact that they constantly point it out on one side and defend against it no matter what on the other, just shows us al how sick our society really is.

We can’t come together and say, we’ve got an incompetent president. We need to do something about this before he seriously damages America’s position in the world. So much damage already done.

But everyone sees it at this point. I think we all know it’s pointless to pretend any longer. The emperor is naked; and I’ll give it to good people on the right they are working double and triple time to cover his ass. Thank God for them. Thank God for General Kelly.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!