Agreed. I grew up on hip-hop; and LOVED IT. From 1981 until about 1996, it just kept getting doper and doper…and then…the thugs got a hold of it, and then the corporations and the whole prison industrial complex and then the f$cking ringtones…it ceased to be anything resembling “music” you know that stuff where actually instruments are played, beats are made or somehow cobbled together and interesting ideas are expressed?

Now it’s all..I don’t know what the hell the millenials think they are hearing…but it’s not music…or maybe it is…a sort of music I cannot hear, because I’m just too old. I gave up on hip-hop in 2006. Kanye was the last artist I heard who actually created anything I’d call music, but even he sort of gave into to what looks to me like a sort of arrested development or retardation of thought and sound.

All the sh@t just sounds stupid. (Okay not J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, which millenials forced me to give a chance to prove their point that all of their music wasn’t pure corporately manufactured crap.) But to me, most millenial music is like gmo food, tasteless, flavorless artificial cloned out copies of the real thing.

And I think it’s because the many of the millenials have lost their minds…and who came blame them…just look at the world we gave them. I am

Not judging the millenials for creating music that pretty much sounds like the world they live in.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!