Agreed on sentences one and two, but cannot give you three. He’s a conartist, and a business man in as much as the business is running a con, but the con has to come first. Which is to say, if he is a business man, he is an extraordinarily shady one. Several bankruptcies, refusal to pay debts or taxes. This is relevant because this is not the behavior of a super patriotic upstanding member of society who makes sacrifices for town and country. It is just not. People want to make this man out to be Satan or a savior. He is neither. He is, however an extremely self-absorbed con man trying to jump to legitimate business man, via the American presidency…and it will probably work…but it will be at the expense of America…and many Americans. This is the Titanic and dude is racing toward the icebergs, cause he wants to hit them before they melt, because that’s the only way he gets richer. He’s got to cash in before it’s all over.

Working with the Light!

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