Agreed! The world has the potential to be so much better…but will it? It seems like we are on the cusp, of a world liberated by technology or enslaved by it.

1984 and A Brave New World are two of my favorite books! Aldous Huxley’s family was invested in the eugenics movement, he tried to predict the future of it. He got somethings right. I think our current world is a mix of the two philosophies. Tech watches us (Big Brother/1984) but controls us through social engineering and psychological manipulation (Brave New World and Fox News, CNN, Facebook, Instagram etc.) Most people question absolutely none of it just like in the Brave New World.

Yes Tesla wanted us on another path entirely. Our calls for green energy are trying to get us back on track, but the resistance is ferocious and destructive. We’re seeing all of that play out in real time right now. Some say it’s exciting, but I’m like enough already! It’s exhausting!

Thanks for reading and commenting though. I love writing about this kind of stuff!

Working with the Light!

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