All sorts of responses to this…it is interesting to me that so many seem to have such a stake or interest in women deciding their reproductive abilities. It only makes logical sense that women should control their reproductive abilities — and I say consciously and internally — the rhythm method could work if women understood their bodies better. Because relying on any outside agents, always sets up all this unnecessary drama — who gets to have the pill, who gets to have an abortion, performed by who and when, how much does it cost? Who is going to pay? Just like enough! This is a non issue! Women have got to simply take control of their own destinies and control the issue from within — leave everyone else out of it!

I want the idea that women can consciously shed their uterus lining as easily as they change clothes, to go viral. Let’s really take back our power and stop relying on these controlled systems that are always trying to control us.

Working with the Light!