Almost all entertainers are misogynistic, and it is a problem. I doubt Michelle Obama is hosting misogynistic hip-hop artists, but even if she were, none of them are running for President. If you want to attack the Clintons for misogyny, there is some material there to be exploited, but the Obamas — not so much. The Obamas and the Bidens worked really hard on refining sexual assault legislation, so that victims are provided with certain protections and rights and the issue is such a political lightening rod right now, that to stand in the way of this kind of legislation is to be labeled “pro-rape”, which is political suicide.

Because the Obamas and Bidens championed this legislation, they are golden on that front. No way you can turn this around on them. Where do YOU stand on the actual legislation? The Violence against Women Act? The Campus SaVE Act? Most Who were against it were Republicans. You can throw stones and name call all you want, when it comes to the actual issues, educated voters no what’s up and will not be distracted by vitriol. Women voters, just so you know, most politicians who support legislation that protects women from violence are democrats. Google Politicians against the Violence Against Women Act and you will see exactly who refused to vote for it. And that’s basically a vote for the rape and abuse of women and children.

Working with the Light!

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