Amazing how you feel so free to throw yourself into that group, and can make such strong conclusions about the events, with flimsy evidence. You must be omniscient, like God.

as for the rest of us mere mortals who have studied the law, (as I have) we understand that the jury is referred to as the “black box.”

No one really knows what goes on within it, and how their decisions are actually reached. It is not nearly the cut and dry/ black and white decision-making process you are describing; and I don’t know if you are just ignorant as the way the American system of jurisprudence actually works, or if you are being purposefully deceptive.

In light of how law enforcement’s “facts” and “reports” are often strikingly different than what is captured on video, I am going to go with whatever is not captured on video is up for heavy and strenuous debate. And that is really what your problem is. You don’t particularly care for that paradigm shift. You are far more comfortable with “if the man said it, then it is the truth.” But are you kidding me? In these days of endless corruption and lies, we can almost certainly assume that there is at least a 50% chance that whoever is reporting is lying to CYA…and these things are taught in law school, where you are told to trust any documentation received by anyone on its face and to collect as much evidence from all sources as you possibly can, because only then do you have a shot a capturing maybe a glimpse of the truth, and delivering an adequate argument on anything.

A lot didn’t add up about the Martin case. I certainly don’t buy the evidence presented by the Zimmerman defense, there were several problems with it that were clearly pointed out at the time of the trial, you want to gloss over all of that to prove your point, which is great, if you are on the Zimmerman defense team. Totally inappropriate, if you are claiming (which I think you are) that you have discovered the truth as to what actually happened between Zimmerman and Martin.

No one knows and no one will ever know, but there is more than enough evidence that lends itself to Zimmerman attacking Martin, Martin defending himself and Zimmerman killing him. Last time I’m going to say it, Zimmerman followed Martin. Let some stranger follow you, and see how well you respond to that. However you respond, I hope that individual doesn’t murder you, and then get acquitted. But, should that happen, you would be okay with that as long as me the judge and the jury reviewed the evidence.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!