Americans as Nazis. My first instinct was to reject this characterization…but you’re not wrong. If I’m honest, I’ll have to admit this is a fair analogy.

We care. We protest. We do all sorts of things. there’s been constant civil unrest over police brutality, black lives mattering, the inhumanity of the prison industrial complex… plenty of pushback against all of it.

But it only goes so far, it only does so much…and yeah, sooner or later, you come to the realization that America is in many ways no different than Nazi Germany. Maybe it’s even worse. There are plenty of Nazis here…Operation paperclip…They came here to hide. Nazis are hiding all over the globe. This is not an American problem, but a human problem.

Is it fair to kick the shit out of Americans, for the worldwide problem of Nazi inhumanity? And our inability to magically change it?

Even if we all took to the streets, it wouldn’t accomplish very much. We have done all of that, all summer. And Not a damn thing has changed. I’ve been tending to the garden closest to me, and you would not believe how incredibly comfortable so many of my neighbors are sporting a swastika or two.

Many of us don’t want Nazi Germany over here, but many of us do. I suspect it’s the same the world over. This is not just an American problem.

But we get it…you like to bash Americans. I won’t take issue, the horrible things you say are quite true about so many of us. But unfortunately, we are not exceptional in this regard. The horror is everywhere.

Working with the Light!

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