And all of this is a deeply spiritual problem…the suppression…the attempted eradication of a soul.

Lots of Americans, and almost all the wealthy, attempt to sell their souls; but it’s not possible. It’s not theirs to sell.

But, when you deny someone their humanity, you deny your own. The accumulation of massive amounts of wealth REQUIRES massive denials of humanity (killing kids by working them to death in sweatshops for 15 hours a day for 5 cents a day, all so that you can if charge $1000 a pair for a nifty pair of sneakers with your name on them, on your way to becoming a billionaire is a MASSIVE denial of humanity. )

But honestly? It’s a slippery slope. It could happen to anyone, maybe even you Umair.

And once the soul slips away…it seems an impossible task to get it back. It can be done, but it takes several lifetimes of work. (The things they don’t tell you before you go to earth school!)

I wonder if the wealthy think that it was worthwhile (the temporary loss of soul), or if they could take it back would they never choose to go down that path? Philosophical questions from someone who consciously chose the light. I know for me, no amount of money is worth my soul.

Working with the Light!

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