And, all the worlds a stage! (Or all of the world-wide web is a stage.)

But Progressive Reformation you’ve been offered an introductory act, in what is destined to be a hit! How can you decline? Don’t you see the opportunity here? Don’t you, too, want to be a star? You’ve already auditioned and gotten the part, I think you’re the one being uncivil, to back out now. Justin needs your support! Besides, it will be fun! I think your long soliloquys on Nationalism and anti-feminism will add just the right sort of serious tone, to give weight to Justin’s regressive, comedic antics. We will have to run all of this by Justin however. I think you two will hit it off swimmingly, once you catch the rhythm of his seemingly incoherent rants. But…there is method to his madness. And Auntie Ingrid is genius at bringing all of that to light. She’s our talent whisperer.

Working with the Light!

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