And also, a lot of corruption in this business model. Cancer is a multi-trillion dollar industry..and yet I am unconvinced that what is actually going on in that industry is effective cancer treatment, and certainly not cost-effective cancer treatment.

Chemo is $20,000 a session…and yet, is this really the most effective way to deal with cancer cells, by killing almost all the cells in ones body, with a really toxic chemical? Plenty of evidence that there are both cheaper and more effective ways to treat cancer…but the ones charging 20 K a session, for the chemo, want that evidence destroyed and any proof of alternative therapies working also destroyed. Currently, cancer is a trillion dollar industry, because of 20k chemo sessions…when you talk about examining that, someone is going to lose out on a trillion dollar pay day. If you are collecting trillions from the current business model, not only do you not want that to change, but will fight like hell to keep the status quo going. So if it means stomping out the alternative health care competition (and quite honestly that had been going on with the cancer industry for nearly a century), so be it.

So it’s not just about asking the right questions, or figuring out who pays for what. It is also about about battling deep, deep, deep corruption in this industry that is on par with organized crime, because there is just that much money at stake. Wherever there is a lot of money moving, there is crime. The healthcare industry is no exception. It is rife with all kinds of crime and fraud on so many different levels- especially when you are talking medicare and medicaid. There are entire crime rings devoted to sucking that money up…in fact. I’d wager the only people interested in working with medicaid are criminals, because medicaid does not pay enough to interest any real health care professionals, but the payments are of great interests to criminals.

The criminals like medicaid because they have no intention of providing any services, (that medicaid would pay next to nothing for) but they will provide reams of fraudulent paperwork that will permit them to get a paycheck from medicaid for services that they claimed to have provided, but never rendered.

This has been a problem for decades…and yet it continues unabated to this day. We have created a system that is a haven for criminals and is a nightmare for healthcare professionals who want to do their jobs.

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