And also, I am not particularly tolerant, although maybe progressive, as I understand those terms. But those who lend themselves to propaganda, have distorted the definition of those words so obliquely- there is no telling what you mean, when you throw those terms around.

Here is what I do feel very good about, telling the truth and defending the truth and especially from overzealous nuts who want to spread all sorts of hysteria, fear, and lies that serve to work people up into mindless tizzies. This is not a political stance, that is just reason and sanity.

Blatantly lying and reckless fear mongering is a cancerous threat to humanity, more so than any religious group, rogue nation or political ideology.

Yes, there is all sorts of violence and danger, everywhere on the planet, but telling blatant lies to whip people up into all different kinds of hysterias, inciting them to lash out against ordinary everyday people who are just trying to live their lives, just like the rest of us, solves no problems. This only creates more problems and this is getting out of hand.

Eastern Europe is not a region without an overwhelming number or problems regarding violence, instability and political hysteria leading to senseless oppression and death. I read Darkness at Noon.

It seems this region has a really bad history with all the above, which can be traced back to Joseph Stalin, who killed 8 million of his own people. With leaders like that…you don’t need islam extremists to fear. You have met the enemy, and it is probably your own political system. I’m just saying…

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!