And “big capital” has so much respect for those. Not. Like I said, none of these wealth distribution systems work in a fair or decent manner. Everything that you have accused Marxism of can also be said of capitalism. Do you know what drives a multi-trillion dollar illegal drug trade here in America? Capitalism!

Where you aware that there is a heroine epidemic killing off white Americans in droves…destroying their families, destroying their towns and destroying rural America in general. Our food and water sources become more toxic with each passing year, and that’s because of the placement of profit, above all else. This is an incredibly toxic and destructive way to live. So far, only Americans fall for this with blinding idiocy.

Capitalism in America is extremely corrupt and that is what it does, what it has been allowed to do, since American capitalism has had fewer and fewer checks placed on it, for the past thirty years. Big powerful corporations have created monopolies in order to price fix, price gouge and crush innovation.

Capital is not a necessity in any any society, plenty of societies exist without any capital whatsoever, so this whole everyone in the world worships at the capitalist alter is just not true, and there are plenty of places where other aspects of society are considered far more important.

Furthermore, the American capitalist system is based on fiat money, which, given current global economic conditions is highly unstable. So for all of your own personal worship of this paper/digital money system, I’m going to tell you like I’ve told everyone else, when the shit hits that proverbial fan, your money will be useless and all that will matter are boyscout skills and your ability to live by the sword/ die by the sword, or gun or your wits because they are all crumbling…all those old systems are crumbling.

So no. While it’s interesting (it really is) to hear you go on and on about Marxism and the Nazis and the third and second wave feminists and how they’re Marxist Nazis…I don’t buy into any of that. Capitalism is the economic distribution system I have lived under my whole entire life, so whatever Marxist theories you attribute to any of my thoughts ( which really? Really???? Its just such a stretch for you to even make these arguments?), clearly I can’t help but to be more deeply influenced by capitalism as I have had to live and breath under that system my entire life. I have known nothing else. And actually it has been my non-American acquaintances who have actually shown me how brainwashed I was into the typical American capitalistic belief system.

I tire of it. You can only own so much stuff, for which you would sacrifice the health of an entire planet, before you have an awakening and realize…this is just stupid.

Capitalism, in its current condition, is faltering, clearly. As is socialism and communism (which as I understand Marxism, that’s all it really is, communism with more explanations on how to work it.) None of these are viable, given current global conditions. Capitalism is the most ruthless out of all these systems (and therefore the most beloved among the sociopathic set), but Capitalism is not sustainable.

Communism, while less ruthless in theory, is probably more ruthless in practice, as we have seen with the former Soviet Union. And China. If you’re coming from those systems, capitalism looks great by comparison, but it’s really not. American capitalism is particularly unique in that WWII allowed America to experience economic conditions unlike any other that have been known before in anywhere else in The world. That was just a fluke, a stroke of luck, which made early American capitalism seem like it was the best deal on earth. It was not. Probably more Average Americans benefitted from mid-century capitalism than any other group of average citizens were permitted to benefit from anything, but still a lot of blood and guts fertilized this American soil for a very corrupted sort of capitalism. And, I’ll say it again, these debts have never been paid.

And as for Slavs, I’m sure you can’t speak for all the hundreds of millions of them, when you say the world owes you nothing. Probably the world does. I’m unwilling to say that genocide (tends to be a lot of that in that particular part of the world) isn’t a global tragedy for which everyone in the world has a certain responsibility to prevent. We all are responsible. We all must speak out against the insanity of the truly evil and diabolical and disgraceful. Killing people, no matter who the people are, because they are in the way, is wrong.

But, back to faltering capitalism. The instability amongst all the major and minor world governments is evidence of the state of capitalism, which is transitioning into globalism and/or corporatism and none of it is sustainable.

China wants to be America, now…well America has 300 million people, about 4% of the world population using 30% of the worlds wealth. China’s got 1 billion and 300 million people. If they’re all going to live like Americans, then that’s going to take all the world’s wealth and there ain’t gonna be a damn thing left for any other country on the planet…plus the fossil fuel used for EVERYTHING that is produced via these capitalist systems, is running out. It just is. You can cover your ears, and la la la la not listen, or not deal with that reality in any meaningful way, if that comforts you, but it doesn’t change the reality that the actual physical resources to sustain these systems are running out with no viable replacements in sight, plus there are no incentives to switch to more sustainable systems because this requires extraordinary amounts of upfront capital, that can’t be replaced easily or quickly in the short run.

Therefore we all have every capitalist incentive to individually run the planet into ground. This is because we have selected economic distribution systems that are deeply flawed. They do not value life and they do not value the planet.

Does recognizing this make me a Marxist? No. It makes me someone who can read and think and evaluate the sustainability of various economic and ecological systems.

I’m a realist. Things are breaking down all over the entire globe, and I’ve got to live through this. Everyone on the planet right now does. So the question is how. As America crashes and burns, am I going to say, “Hey! Things are fucked up yall! Let me create more problems, and attack my fellow Americans over really stupid shit. Let me ignore or blame minority groups which are being targeted for problems not of their making…let me fall for all of the divide and conquer political games being run right now, cause I’m stupid!”

Or am I going to do something else? I’m doing something else. Don’t quite know what yet, but it’s not going to be that shit.

But as for you, feel free. Feel free to lose your ever-loving mind about terms like “white privilege” or “intersectionality” or all of the various types and waves of feminism and/or Marxism and or national socialism, which I’m guessing is all the rage in the Netherlands. Good for them. I don’t know why people won’t leave them the hell alone if that’s how they want to distribute the wealth in their country. Seems to be working for them.

As for anyone who is truly a forward and innovative thinker, we’re thinking, there’s got to be something else. Something else entirely different that will work. Sick of all this bullshit and I am not the only one.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!