And European civilizations were not? That whole head on the spike thing, is the ultimate in humanity and civility…and the Vatican with it’s 2000 plus years of homo-pedaephelia, that was real proper.

Let’s not even touch on Rome, with it’s penchant for burning Christians to light the colliseams, where people were murdered as a form of entertainment. Also this, children were violated at such a young age there was no word for “virgin.” Honestly, the great worship of Roman “civilization” is something I find quite disgusting, given that country’s antics. Nero…Caligula…you’re proud of that? Really? Glass house stone thrower.

Also those Vikings! Real civilized huh? Going into all those peaceful European towns, slicing, dicing, raping, killing, thieving.

But I guess, according to your logic, it’s all cool in the gang, when you know how to build some boats, right?

I often tell Americans- the British made such horrifically brutal slave owners because all of the atrocious diabolical antics that they utilized on their African slaves — they had practiced and perfected for a cool millenia on their Irish and Scottish neighbors. Throwing Irish babies in the air and catching them on spikes - I do not know of anything more depraved and sick…so if you want to talk about sick crap done to children, Europe is replete with all sorts of examples of this.

All “civilizations” have barbaric and chronically backward components to them; but they all have their creations and innovations as well, and they worked best when they learned and shared with one another. History is not my profession- can’t believe it is yours either!

What history? The one that Big Brother told you to rewrite in 1984? Slavery is Freedom, right? And work makes you free and the holocaust never happened, right?

Get outta here!


Working with the Light!

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