And finally are black police officers racist? Hell yes! And sexist too! It doesn’t matter what your race or gender is, if you are a part of that system you will be whatever the system requires that you be, and police systems require that officers be ridiculously sexist and racist. Why is rape a crime that is hardly ever prosecuted? And when it is, if the rapist is white, he gets NO TIME. A white 15 year old, rapes a black one year old, POSTS IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA, and serves no jail time. How do you explain such a thing? Still denying systematic racism and sexism? Sure you are. Most people, however, are not. Everything is changing…everything. Data and facts? They are everywhere. We have more facts about everything every week than we have had throughout the course of human history. We have tons of facts about how corrupt our government is thanks to Russian hackers! So who in the hell would trust any FBI “facts.” No matter what facts or data I would provide to you, you’d ignore all the inconvenient ones, just as you have done repeatedly, and keep spouting your own meaningless facts. It’s a meaningless game that does nothing and goes nowhere. Don’t you get it? Wake up! I know you can do it!

Working with the Light!