And here is the thing…on the world stage, where the multi-billionaires roll, Trump is a backseat kid.

But he is not, I repeat not, representing America’s back seat kids. He is trying to use them simply to propel himself to the multi-billionaires table. He only throws shots at the multibills, because they won’t let him have a seat. It has zero to do with any sort of empathy or concern for America’s backset kids who identify with Trump. Trump will use these people like toilet paper, literally, which is to say he will dispose of them. But not without first wiping excrement all over.

Hillary has already has a seat at the table. She’s a player. Because of the way our world and our politics have changed, all politicians are players. Trump wants a seat at the multibillionaire’s table and he is getting there by hijacking our political system. (And, he’s probably thinking, everyone else is doing it, why can’t I?) Most corporations do this by back-pocketing the players - not by becoming become them. Well, Trump has other plans. He will get a seat at the table one way or another. He’ll take Hillary’s. (And of course all the macho-men are with him on this, and the brainwashed women too…who in the hell does she think she is to have a seat at the table? Oh the sexism is in rare extreme form on this one.)

It’s risky though. Trump’s scheme to take Hillary’s seat. If he gets it, this will buy him a seat at the table with Russia, Iran, Syria, because he is not pandering to the U.S., Great Britain and Israel table. This could drastically change every American’s way of life - and probably not for the better, but that matter not. The point is this will probably line the Don’s pockets quite nicely. It’s a gamble; and we’re just a country. The multibills gamble with countries all the time.

If you are an American citizen, you may be asking what about us? None of these players give a damn about any of us. Not really. We are all just incidentally here, living in a country they own, whining and complaining about how they manage their stuff, their banks, their energy, their information technology. We still complain even after they give us all the illusion of being able to “own a piece of the American Dream” and having choices and being able to vote for them. Try to see it from the multibills view. Ungrateful pawns all of us. They’d like nothing more than for all of us to sit down, shut up, and do exactly as told. Some of us are still smart enough to see through all of it, and recognize what’s really going down and it’s this:

The rules of engagement are changing swiftly. Corporations, once content to stay in the background of politics are now stepping directly into the foray. That’s what Trump represents. The Koch brothers are disgusted. Real corporations own politicians, they don’t become them.

If Trump gets into the Whitehouse, he will flush his supporters like soiled toilet paper. I know he said he’d never do this - but he lies, blatantly, and nonstop. Who would believe him? His supporters. He cares nothing for these people. Nothing, nothing, nothing…his whole career has a trail of bodies, just like these people behind him. Everyone who supports Trump, ultimately gets burned. (Except his kids, maybe, but who knows what their private lives are like…to have to deal with that on daily basis. My God.) And yet, his supporters just love him…because they want to be him.

Here’s the thing…as much as people dislike Clinton, Trump is just like her. They are two sides of the same coin. The coin is money and power. They both want it and are getting it by leveraging pawns - their supporters. Trump decided that he could do this best by pitting them against one another; and he picked precisely the right kind for this ugly job — the angry, the marginalized, the unheard. Believe me. I feel for them. I want them to be heard…just not like this. Not via endless chants and rants of mindless, senseless hate and fear and intolerance and insanity. That is a cancer that will eat us all alive.

But yes, Trump is a lot like his supporters, a back row kid not even invited to the main event. He doesn’t even have a ticket. Because he has been snubbed, he will jack Hillary’s ticket and if he can’t do that he will burn America’s house down. He’s going to stir up all this hate and fear and intolerance. He’s going to make sexual assault cool, even when it’s creepy. He will show us all. All of us, who refused to pledge blind allegience to him, who had the audacity to be disgusted by his rapey remarks, will be shown what it is to snub the Donald. He’s already implementing a “scorched earth” plan - against us all; and this is before he even gets into office.

But the thing is, when Trump finishes scorching the earth, what then? Everyone will be burned because fire is fire- and fire does not honor identity politics. And where are we going to live when our house is nothing but ashes beneath our feet, standing on the earth that Trump has scorched?

Yes I get it. Trump and his supporters are rioting. Trump is doing it because he wants a seat at the multibills table, and his supporters are doing it because they want to live decently, meaningfully and without fear. (isn’t that what we all want?) But as bad as our living conditions are now, can you imagine how much worse they will be after these Trump riots?

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