And here it is, the twisting of facts, the attribution of racist ideology TO ME, now. Although you’re the one who said Islam produced nothing of value for 800 years, and is ready to end a black child’s education and probably send her to prison, after watching a viral video.

What I said was it is not appropriate to issue judgements about people, (not to mention entire groups of people) without collecting all relevant evidence and facts. This is basic jurisprudence. You cannot possibly understand that situation or make any valid conclusions about it from observing a short video.

Are you actually going to attempt to make the argument that you can? After writing an extremely long post about all of the evidence one needs to obtain before one can even properly debate an issue? You say that you are offering an opinion. This is a typical statement people make when called on racist propaganda. “It is my opinion that blacks are inferior to whites; and I am entitled to my opinion.”

(You never said this, at least not in any Medium posts, but it would not surprise me to learn that you had said this in another forum.)

People certainly are entitled to their opinions, but anyone’s opinion is largely meaningless and should not be spouted as incontrovertible fact and certainly should not be used as the basis for any decisions that need to be made about anyone’s fate.

To say what the fate of a student should be is not to offer an opinion, it is to play judge and jury, while playing fast and loose with critical facts. I cringe to think of what happens to your students who think differently than you and God forbid happen to have a bad day while being in your classroom.

I had a student who behaved badly, and often. His thing was irrelevant outbursts, all the time. It seemed like some sort of disorder to me; and so I tolerated it, despite the fact that it was extremely disruptive to the rest of the class. I could have had him removed. I never did. For the most part, his actions were without malice.

As it turns out, I learned though an essay that he wrote, he had suffered with extreme anxiety almost all of his life because everyone in his family had been killed when he was about six years old. When I learned that, I was glad I had been so tolerant.

It’s your opinion though, that I should not have been right? The tolerant progressives are a threat to society. Oh except let me add this. He was white and male. Does that change the situation for you? Maybe given these new facts, you will find that my tolerance, was appropriate.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!