And I am really beginning to wonder why this is? Could it be that pedophilia is so common, that very few, in positions of power and privilege aren’t involved in some way? Could it also be that the mainstream media covers for them? Just look at how allegations of pedaphilia haunted both 2016 presidential candidates. Both Clinton and Trump were linked to a guy known for running pedaphilia rings. There was sparse media coverage on it. I’m guessing if the media looked deeply, it would probably be reporting on just about everyone we know occupying a public office. Some say it is used as a tool to bribe, these powerful people into doing the briber’s bidding. As pedaphilia disgusts most normal people, knowing this a pedaphile would do almost anything not to be revealed. Revealing this evil is in everyone’s best interest. It is corrupting our society in more ways than one.

Working with the Light!

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