And I listen to both of these conspiracies, and I think to myself: neither of these things is going to happen, no matter how desperately people want it, and believe it to be so. But people tell themselves it is so, to the point it seems as if it is truth…and they cling to these self-proclaimed truths in sheer desperation.

And then I wonder…are my beliefs (in a quiet ascension out of the madness) also a form of pure folly? I’d like to believe that we will evolve out of these self-destructive tendencies and create a “new earth” but perhaps that’s my own conspiracy theory, that I’m clinging to in sheer desperation.

In these days and times, it’s almost impossible to know, what’s true and what’s sheer insanity. So much that is true is sheer insanity — so why not? I think people feel as if they have nothing to lose by believing whatever they like.

And…it just might be working…maybe there is a timeline where Trump gets hung up on collusion, or traitorous activity or whatever (who knows at this point). And maybe there is a timeline where Trump and Q save the day and rid the earth of all pedaphiles (seems highly unlikely, but hey!)

And maybe there is a timeline where every human on the planet wakes up and changes so drastically we can actually save this planet!

But…honestly? All those events seem highly unlikely…and all this imaginative positing is to avoid the first very likely option proposed. And no one much talks about that one…

Are we all just lying to ourselves in one way or another? I often wonder…

Working with the Light!

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