And I would add that the emotion fear, can’t be warranted or not — it’s the threat — the force out there that does a,b,c or d that can be judged as real or not — but we choose to fear the threat or not. For example, I don’t fear ISIS. A huge group of Americans do. Is ISIS a threat? I’m sure they are, but I don’t fear them because I don’t believe they are close enough to harm me. They totally could be. I honestly haven’t invested enough time into learning about the alleged threat that they pose to be afraid. My fears are much closer to home, racism, sexism, economic turmoil, political corruption, environmental concerns. To me these fears seem much more “warranted” but like you said, these are my personal fears that I have selected. I could just as easily choose not to fear these things, that is the trick.

Fear is the problem. It is divisive and irrational by design. This was a really cool article! I get the Trump supporters are emotionally driven, as are Clinton supporters- and they both make people very afraid, and for very good reasons. I fear them both, which puts me in a really sucky catch 22. Who do I fear more? Trump. I’d like to think that I am rationally assessing the facts, but I’m probably not as you have so clearly articulated here.

I don’t agree that you can’t access the rational structure inside someone’s mind though. You can, you just have to say, “hey buddy, here is what is in this for you.” That generally gets people thinking rationally. Nothing else does however.

I am shocked and appalled though, by the irrationality of Trump supporters and their willingness to defend that which is in my opinion indefensible. Clinton is a much trickier subject, as she is far more sophisticated in her wrongdoing. If you’re not as sophisticated, it’s easier to give her passes, because you don’t quite understand just how dangerous she can be.

I honestly am not sure who is more dangerous, but I don’t think Clinton will start WWIII. Notice how I said think. They are players on a global stage under pressures we can’t see. What will be will be. Great insight into the supporters though!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!