And I’d respond if you knew the history of this particular statue, in Richmond, Virginia, the statue is getting what it deserves. A murdering, raping, torturing psychopath, should never have been put on a 100 foot tall pedestal in the center of a town. It is quite a sick, sick thing to do, and the people destroying this particular statue, are telling the truth about what it represents.

I personally LOVE the General Lee monument, with pictures of slain black people all around it…this is what he stood for. A lot of dead black people. The red spray painted “blood on your hands” all over it…that’s truth. Now THE REAL history is being told…not the big white lies, about this being a wonderful man and an awesome hero.

That statue is deserving of everything that is happening, and if so many lies hadn’t been told about these statues, the truth would not have to come to light in this way.

It it’s been well over a century of avoiding, evading, lying about the truth, and the breaking point has been reached. The lies just can’t be sustained any longer.

Working with the Light!

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