And if that happened, that’s grimey, but not really the least bit surprising. Police don’t like being challenged by anyone, not BLM, not Antifa, nor Neo Nazis, or even silver-haired grandmothers. Whoever you are, challenging the police, expect to get got in a grimey way. These KKK, Nazi complaints of police misconduct are mildly amusing. Did they really think they are that special and entitled that they would be examples from that? I find that sort of arrogance, hysterical.

People have been complaining for the last two years at least, that the media has been trying to start a war between blacks and the police.

But based on Charlottesville, it’s beginning to look like the war is going to be between white Nationalist and police, cause police represent, defend and protect globalism — believe that.

Oh yeah, the rules of engagement have changed, quite a bit. These police ain’t your daddies police.

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