And isn’t it ironic? Here is what I was wondering, how did Trump and Co. not see this coming? Did that not realize that once they went to Washington, they would become the establishment that is so deeply hated, (and quite honestly not without good reason) and that in all of that they would have to endure the kind of scrutiny and attack as Hillary and Obama? Thing is they are far less adept at dealing with it, and this makes it all so much worse. It is the medias job to report the news — mainstream media is viciously attacking Trump or making up pure fantasies about his level of success, depending on whatever it’s agenda is, which is not reporting accurately on anything anymore. Most people, sadly get their news from social media, which is just insane, but also a sort of boots on the ground reporting. Better then anything on any of the corporate channels.

Trump is faltering with regard to effectively dealing with all of it. Plus people are boycotting his brands. Business wise, he is taking some losses.

Working with the Light!

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