And it’s like why? This is really a pretty accurate depiction of the guy’s world view (and quite a few of their own), why the fake outrage? I think the danger to America his lack of understanding of foreign policy presents just might be sinking in. Yeah we might not have no more stuff from China coming over…we might have an influx of Russian immigrants taking all the jobs, we might have war on our own soil…that will be pretty devastating…you vote for a loose cannon who has no understanding of International politics, you might be responsible for getting some bombs dropped on the great U S of A.

I think many Trump supporters are having buyers remorse, but do not have a complicated enough thought process to admit, hey we might have really screwed up here…so instead they attack any and all who point to how badly they screwed America.

I always knew a vote for Trump was a vote to burn our house down, but now that it is getting smoky, the supporters are coughing and sputtering and wondering WTF?


Working with the Light!

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