And no I do not believe in any form of indoctrination-much less that of academics which I already stated, I hate. And this isn’t just feminist academic doctrine, but pretty much all academic doctrine, I find to be pretty useless. And if I do not expose myself to it, I certainly can’t be indoctrinated by it. I’ve never taken a gender studies class, but I have always considered myself a feminist based on some very basic principles.

Game of Thrones is a nonstop advertisement for feminism-or it is at least a clear indication of how poorly women have been treated throughout history.

“Hello Sansa!” Anyone who watches the show can’t hear that line and not get chills down their spine. Poor Sansa, had every advantage a female could possibly have during that time, yet it didn’t stop her from getting raped and tortured repeatedly.

The show, while fictitious, is heavily based on European history; and it mimics almost all of those royal and feudal customs. It absolutely shows, if not why feminism is necessary, then why violence against women is so commonplace, it comes from a certain history. It is a curse, that has been passed down throughout the generations.

Women who behave like men, are demonized no matter what labels are placed upon them. But in a brutal world, with unrelenting violence against women, women will respond by becoming more aggressive, and you see a lot of that on the Thrones as well. These women on this show are some of the most violent female characters TV has ever known. Commentators are positing this in and of itself is some kind of unconscious response to all of the violence directed at women in the world today…that this is somehow bringing a desire to see women empowered via violence. We are seeing more and more of these kinds of heroines in pop culture. Food for thought.

People who want women to identify these passive roles are just out of their everloving minds if they think that you can just, beat, rape and abuse women -relentlessly-without any kind of pushback. Everyone in the damn world is pushing back against oppression, and women, half the damn population- are no exception.

They might call themselves feminists, or they may call themselves someone who is not taking any more shit, no matter what they call themselves, the pushback is happening; and it is a good thing. No one can stop it. It is a form of evolution.

Men and women have severe problems relating to one another. This is just a fact. We should be asking ourselves why. The most informative-and actually weird, bizarre and yes academic text, I reviewed on the subject was-The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light. It was recommended to me, by someone who claimed this book really had its finger on the pulse of the issue. Really it’s a lot of theories about human evolution.

It is written by a man, who is clearly no feminist, but he posits that patriarchy (which I know feminists take huge issue with) in it’s current form is a backlash against matriarchy, that existed prior to the rise of the first civilization in Sumerian, 10,000 years ago. He backs up this existence of matriarchy with artifacts found in that Middle Eastern part of the world.

Anyway, he puts forth explanations that seem to logically explain this ridiculous battle between the sexes, as well as the excessive militarization of a world controlled by men under patriarchy. You seem to think feminists are men’s worst enemy. What a cop out. Smarter, violent, sociopathic men are men’s worst enemy. They get men killed off by the millions.

We keep on this path we will self-destruct; and the freaking feminists are the least of your worries. I promise you.


Working with the Light!

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