And none of this should be surprising to anyone who has been paying attention. Here’s my theory: somewhere, somebody or a crew of somebody’s, that we don’t even know or see, said: “America is a wrap. Yeah we tried the whole, treat people equally, give them some rights and freedoms. What did we get? Spoiled, entitled serfs always wanting more. Shut it down. Make America like all the other countries where inequality and poverty is the norm. Do it quickly! We don’t have any more patience for these “elections” and “reputable judiciary” and “constitutional rights.” To hell with that bull shit. Break all of that DOWN.

These are all the politicians marching orders. The Democrats are controlled opposition, but are hell of unconvincing. They oppose nothing, really. Sometimes you’ll get a star like AOC, to put on a really good show…but it’s just a show.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Dems keep their hands out asking for millions in time and money, for a show that just really, really sucks. Either they are being directed to sabotage their own party OR they really are that incompetent.


Working with the Light!

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