And now you are really playing the victim role about being called a Nazi. Again, if the shoe fits. If you can call me a neo-Marxist, then it only seems fair that I call you a nephew-Nazi.

But calling you a Nazi was a facetious response (you know I was be humorous, obviously you’re not a real Nazi — are you?) to your authoritarian declaration that I was not fit to be in education because of my “ideology.”

Who does that???? We don’t do that in America where professors have academic freedom and for the most part can entertain as many crazy ideas as they like all along the political spectrum.

Why do you consistently accuse me of having a certain ideology, despite the fact I have consistently stated that I don’t adhere to any established ideology? Can you at least answer the question? No. you won’t. You can’t. You do not have a sane, reasonable answer to the question. And you know you are in trouble, because if you can’t label my belief system, then it is really hard to attack it. But you are determined to do it, nevertheless.

This is exactly the sort of thing that certain Nazi’s did. They attacked people for their thoughts and ideas just as you are doing in almost all of your responses to me.

So I am actually questioning the manner in which you decide to debate an issue. You attack people for certain thoughts and beliefs, and you refuse to acknowledge that different thoughts and beliefs, could be valid and should at least be entertained. That is pretty damn Nazi.


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