And of course it’s someone outside of the U.S. who can see and describe exactly what is going down…and it’s so frustrating to live in a country of clueless idiots who just have no clue and I feel (and have felt for some time) that the whole world is laughing at us. The rest of the world thinks Americans are stupid (and we are!) We have no clue as to what hat is really going down on a global scale…just none! Russia’s our pal now? (They’ve only hated us for forever.) We are terrified of Jihadist, meanwhile all of Mexico and South America is exploding with nonstop crime, corruption and murder due to our “war on drugs.” This is so stupid. We have no idea what or who the real threats are, outside of our borders — and also to what extent we have created these monsters-because all the Mexican and South American monsters are totally American made. Same thing with the jihadists…and we are making even more as we speak by unleashing Trump’s crazy on the world.

Israel -totally destabilizing Europe and the Middle East- is greed and violence to the tenth power and on crack — and we are allied with them why?????

Seriously, as an American I have never understood that. Why do we have to bend over backwards to protect Jews half way around the world when we have tons of them over here, doing quite well…and if they don’t have enough space over there, then why don’t they just come over here? Why do we Americans have to spend billions so they can live over there? It makes no sense to me. Especially since so many Americans-not me, but I’m just saying-are anti-semetic. Given that this is the case, why do Jews, an American minority, disliked by a larger white American majority, play such a huge role in American politics? Why do we spend billions of tax dollars so they can live in a special holy place halfway around the world? It just makes no sense.

Unless, it’s not about the Jews at all. Unless it’s about some money or oil. And I’m sure that’s what it must be about, as that is the only way this makes any sense.

So America backs Israel for what? For oil? Is that what this is all about? And now that the oil is running out, now what? Is Trump really about to set up this huge global oil Ponzi scheme whereby he creates this big oil bubble and bust it, leaving all these American idiots holding the bag? It seems so. I wanna get the hell out of here. Canada is too cold and Mexico is too corrupt and violent. What is a Cassandra like American to do?

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!